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We're expanding our team and looking for someone to handle content creation for a global client. If you're always aware of social media trends, love making buzz-worthy content, and aren’t afraid to experiment with new tools and ideas, we want to hear from you!

Do you see yourself in this?

  • You've got a killer eye for aesthetics and a knack for what works on social media

  • Whenever you spot something cool, you whip out your phone right away

  • Reels and TikToks are your hobby

  • English gets your creative juices flowing (and you can whip up a killer copy in it)

  • You know what it takes to create content for a big brand and can do it on a global scale

  • You're communicative and if need be, you don’t mind traveling to shoot a story with an ambassador

  • Creative thinking is second nature to you

  • You’re passionate about storytelling

  • You understand that sometimes “quick” is just as important as “polished“

  • You're into the numbers and care about how your content actually performs

  • Evaluating isn’t a chore; it’s your way of leveling up with every piece of content

You're excited about…

  • Working with a major global client and reaching audiences worldwide.

  • Experiencing amazing campaigns and clients that are seen not just in the Czech Republic — and sometimes traveling for awesome content

  • Diving into other projects at the agency

  • Growing professionally based on your ambitions and skills (forget rigid charts)

  • Getting fair financial rewards

  • Being on a team not only with the creatives and designers, but also with strategists, accounts, socials and a creative director. We’re an agency without departments, and you’ll be surprised how much that makes things better

  • Working in an independent agency where we set our own rules and goals

  • Enjoying a friendly atmosphere not just within the team and management, but also with clients

  • Getting regular doses of inspiration, education, and team-building activities

You know what to do,
don't you?

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