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We’re looking for a rockstar copywriter & ideamaker to join our crew for a global client. Or maybe you’re aiming to be a creative lead right off the bat? Come chat with us.

Do you see yourself in this?

  • You’ve got a knack for cool stuff and a killer idea lights a fire in you, making you feel like you can… conquer anything?

  • You still love advertising after all these years, digital trends and pop culture keep expanding your horizons, and that’s why you don’t recycle the same old headlines?

  • You’ve got global-level ideamaking and copywriting skills and love to apply them to local marketing teams?

  • You’ve got legit experience with both big and small productions?

  • You present playfully and confidently in Czech/Slovak and English, and you can craft such presentations yourself?

  • You know that a good idea can come from anyone and you enjoy collaborating in a team?

  • You believe the client is your most important partner and can communicate with them honestly and authentically?

  • You naturally look for ways to solve problems and don’t get discouraged by setbacks?

You're excited about…

  • Working on cool and unconventional projects…

  • Creating awesome campaigns and working with clients who are visible not only in the Czech Republic…

  • Fair financial rewards…

  • Being on a team not only with the creatives and designers, but also with strategists, accounts, socials and a creative director.

  • We’re an agency without departments, and you’ll be surprised how much that makes things better.

  • We’re an independent agency, so we set our own rules and goals.

  • A friendly atmosphere not just within the team and management but also with clients.

  • Regular doses of inspiration, education, and team-building events.

  • A garden with WiFi that reaches even the farthest corner.

You know what to do,
don't you?

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